Ann Maree Goudzwaard, Author

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As a counselor, author, speaker, and trainer, Ann Maree Goudzwaard weaves rich, theological wisdom practically into the everyday world. By demonstrating how to discover truth in life, she helps women think biblically about their circumstances.


A Churchwide Response for Women in Crisis

What does complementarianism look like in church ministry? How best can the local church serve women in crisis in this age of scandals and accusations?

With years of experience and a plethora of stories, Bernie Lawrence and Ann Maree Goudzwaard have written this book as a guide for churches looking for ways to serve women in crisis while maintaining the integrity of leaders and being sensitive to the needs of those helped.

They interweave their perspectives and advice to encourage those undertaking the call to help women in crisis within the local church.

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Ann Maree has a number of speaking engagements and is available for travel. View her calendar below and email her to learn more.


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