The Message of Christ

“If the prophets had come and told us that the way of salvation was to consider a great, noble and wonderful teaching and then to set out and do it, why, we would have liked it.  Thoughts of imitating the Lord always please mankind, because they flatter us.  They tell us that if we only use our wills we can do most anything.  

The world today in its state of trouble is very ready to listen to sermons that tell it somehow or another about the application of Christian principles.  No one is annoyed at them.  What wonderful thoughts people say.  What a wonderful conception.  

But the message of the Gospel is that the world is as it is because you are as you are.  You are in trouble and confusion because you are not honoring God; because you are rebelling against Him; because of your self-will, your arrogance, and your pride.  

You are reaping, says the Gospel, what you have sown… We all dislike that, and yet it is always the message of Christ.”  

Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones

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