“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” Ps. 150:6

Mornings are definitely the hardest time of day around our house.  Tigger, our pathetic, cancer riddled, dying cat is set off on his coughing spree the moment we wake up.  It seems it takes little to make him happy, and therefore precariously purring.  Our emergence from slumber simply makes his day.  He purrs at our appearance, and then coughs and coughs.  And coughs.

As I begin my morning demotions, his incessant hacking distracts me.  I listen as he works to control his emotions and hopefully breathe.  I pace between the rooms he wanders into in his persistent search of calm and air.  I try valiantly to leave him alone as he stands a better chance of calm when I am not there.  And I listen.

Relief hit me this morning when the coughing finally subsided.  “Peace,” I sighed, now I can get on with my focus of the Father.  Ironically, death was the subject in my chapter of Because He Loves Me.

When faced with suffering and death, the thought that pervades our thinking is, “when it will be     over?”  We just want the anguish to end.  Perhaps that is one of the reasons that a focus on Jesus death repels us; dying just isn’t part of a good day.

However, as Elyse Fitzpatrick writes, that thought is the exact inspiration we need in order to apply the gospel to our every day lives.  As we picture the Savior being crucified, we are reminded that we will do nothing good enough to earn favor from God.  When we think of his pain and groaning we realize “he felt the bruising that should have been [ours] because [we] thought that God was unjust and unkind.”  At the time it occurs to us that God literally left Christ, we remember how we leave him out of our lives every day.

If I don’t first wake to the thought of Christ’s death, I won’t proceed through the day knowing “Christ’s perfect righteousness is [mine]….and that’s all that matters about [me]”

I can’t get over how God is using this cat’s death to lead me to Him.  It gives me even greater hope that, if Tigger is capable of bringing me to a place of praising the Lord, I will one day see him in his recreated bouncy-flouncy-fun-fun-fun body in heaven.  “Something better remains after death for these poor creatures….that these, likewise, shall one day be delivered from this bondage of corruption, and shall then receive an ample amends for all their present sufferings.”  John Wesley

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