Morning is broken

Morning is still hard around here, now for a different reason.

Our first call to life, when Tigger was healthy, was when ‘bug’ (as he was referred to—lil bugger) jumped on our bed and mewed for his daily drip of free flowing water.  In my slumber I typically stepped dangerously close to ON him and then fought for my own place at the sink.  Even as he succumbed to sickness, his liveliest hours were the a.m.

This morning was quiet.  Dead quiet.

Yesterday, after Bob left to take Tigger to the vet, I rocked hysterically on my (Tig’s!) closet floor.  As I tried to keep from hyperventilating, I rambled on and on that I had killed my cat, my precious beloved cat.  In the background, the satellite radio played Crystal Lewis and between sobs I heard,

“He’s the lion and the lamb…

He’s the Lamb that was slain

He’s the Lion that reigns

My Savior and King both the same”

Immediately the thought occurred to me that yes, I had in fact killed my pet; animals die because of our sin. Before the fall animals lived forever.  An even greater truth invaded my mind, however, as I realized the sacrifices before Christ always involved an animal and Jesus himself is referred to as an animal; he is called our lamb.

Could it be that, when our pets die, we are closer than we will ever be to witnessing what Christ did on our behalf?  How he gave His life because of us?

I silently wondered if how I suffered yesterday was even close to how I would have felt if I witnessed the death of Christ.  And I realized that yes, my sins are the reason my cat had to die but ultimately that fact does not have the eternally significant outcome that Christ’s death did.

“Who is He…The mightiest of all

Who is He…Creation trembles at His call

Who is He…The lowly sacrifice, who paid a victims price

His name is Jesus

Jesus…From the Father’s own right hand

Jesus…Son of God and son of man

Jesus…Who died and rose again

Jesus…He’s the Lion and the Lamb

Who is He…With the power none can tame

Who is He…That every foe would fear his name

Who is he…Who was humbly led away, to suffer that dark day

His name is Jesus

He’s the lion and the lamb

He’s the Lamb that was slain

He’s the Lion that reigns

My Savior and King both the same

Who is He…With the eyes that burn like fire

Who is He…Oh the wonder He inspires

Who is He…Who bore the guilt and shame

For those who’ve gone astray

His name is Jesus”

Crystal Lewis

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