Counseling the Incompetent Counselor – Day 5

My first thought was, “I could delete my blog….then I wouldn’t have to follow through on this silly lil experiment and reveal my sinful nature TO THE WORLD WIDE WEB!!”

Too late (or not, maybe no one is really reading anyway).

As stated, I finished gathering data and found at least one contributing factor to my lack of discipline and motivation; an underactive thyroid (currently undergoing therapy).  Unfortunately I have also discovered another.


Now I did not purposely NOT write last week because of this newfound sin.  Rather I was planning a surprise birthday party for a friend (hi Paula!) and knew if I used any illustrations from my life I would trip over my tongue and reveal to ONE OF ONLY TWO READERS of my blog that she was in for a surprise.  So I kept my mouth shut.  No, that wasn’t the surprise.  Anywho, the party was smashing (at least from my perspective) and now I can once again speak.  Are you thrilled?

Back to my sin.

Once the data is gathered by a counselor it needs to be interpreted.  “This process is going to take a tremendous amount of time and effort! Yes, it will take much time and effort.  People are complex and a simplistic approach to helping them almost always fails.  We are not like Jesus, (huh??!!) who knew immediately the thoughts of people when He walked the earth. We certainly cannot take one look at someone and tell that person what he or she needs.  In most cases, we will not even be able to talk to people once and tell them what they need.  The process of interpretation can be somewhat lengthy and extensive.  And although with experience a counselor is able to reach conclusions in less time, we must never get to a point where we are not willing to think long and hard about each person’s problems.”

Unless you are counseling yourself.  Then God plows through with a steamroller and gushes knowledge all over the place.

The filter of interpretation is, not surprising, the Bible.  “What biblical category best describes the person?” “What biblical language best describes the problems this person is experiencing?” “What insights does the Bible provide about the proximate causes of such problems?”

But before I go any further (if I plan this well I can divert your attention indefinitely), let’s pop over to Tim’s blog because it seems counseling yourself is catching on.  His is more fun….

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