Counseling the Incompetent Counselor – Day 7

Grabber Guide:  “Hayeee Ann Mareeeaa!  How ARE yew?!  I am so glad you could take some time to meet with me today!  I’d love to help you dig deep into the vast expanse of sin that has been permeating your life!  Have a seat!”

(Great.  Now I’m interviewing myself …someone call a doctor)

Glory Grabber (that would be me):  “Thanks…….ewwwww! nice chairs!”

Grabber Guide:  “So why don’t you start by telling me a little bit about what brought you here today…”

Glory Grabber:  “Well, it actually began when I was about 7.  I can distinctly remember looking in the bathroom mirror and realizing that I DID NOT look at all like a Barbie doll.  My hair was dark and short, my height was quite a bit taller, and those curves she had were nowhere to be found on my body! (still aren’t)”

Grabber Guide:  “Really?  Hmmmm.”

Glory Grabber:  “Ya, I know, weird.  So then I started noticing that some of my classmates and friends looked similar to me, but some actually looked more like Barbie; especially at my High School.  THEN I began to notice that the ones who looked more like Barbie got more attention, everyone wanted to be their friend.  I decided then and there that I wanted what they had, I wanted everyone to like me/be my friend too.  I just knew that would be where I would find happiness.”

Grabber Guide:  “Well you’re definitely not 7 anymore,” snicker-guffaw, “what does that childhood pursuit look like in your adult life?”

Glory Grabber:  “Funny.  But since you ask, I recently Tweeted that I was ‘waiting to be discovered.’  I even started a FaceBook page on the path to ‘get my face on a book.’  I think in my overly warped mind I thought that THOSE achievements were the secrets to my happiness, much like my 7 year-old brain thought being blonde was the key. As I read the book Counseling, however, I discovered that those things are in fact false hopes.  Wayne Mack says, “False hope is based on human ideas of what is pleasurable and desirable.  Many people think that their problems will disappear if they can just get what they want.”  By hoping for acclaim, adoration, and the love of the masses for the things that I do, I have been stymied!  If I don’t gain fame, I determine that the work I have done was ineffective.  If I DO get praise, it is never enough.  Which led to my lack of motivation to do anything.  Why bother?  Although I would say that the things I did were for God, that he would be glorified by the successful use of the gifts he gave me.  Deep down, as I now realize, I was hoping for a little bit of team glory.  Me-God….God-me…”

Grabber Guide:  “Team Glory, that’s funny.  But what specifically helped you discover this monster of a sin?”

Glory Grabber:  “The renewal of my mind.  ‘For this reason I endure everything for the sake of those who are chosen, that they also may obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus and with it eternal glory.’ 2 Timothy 2:10 ‘True hope does not merely focus on the part (an individual life) but also the whole (God’s plan for the universe).  It finds encouragement in the eternal as well as the temporal and in the intangible as well as the tangible.  Instead of being concerned only with what happens in one’s life, true hope is concerned with what happens in the lives of others and whether God receives glory in the events that transpire.’ (Mack)

God revealed yet another part of my life in which it’s not about me.”

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