Counseling the Incompetent Counselor Day 8

Bob’s home.

What that means is I won’t be “talking” to myself on my blog this week.  When Bob is out of town, really wacky things tend to happen.  In addition to revealing my sin on line via a make-believe counselor and fictitious support group, I registered for a class at Reformed Theological Seminary and signed up for a group that will assist me as I continue the process of certification as a Biblical Counselor.

Bob really needs to stay home.

How, you might ask, does a Hair Dresser, mom, wife, homeschooler, shopkeeper, Interior Decorator get to the point of taking theology classes?

It’s my retirement gig.

Actually, it’s been evolving, but certainly intensified with that lil experiment I call, Counseling the Incompetent Counselor.

Which reminds me….

I finished reading Counseling this morning.  The entire book is a sea of yellow highlighter pen.  Before I move forward to my next book, however, (to be announced – wait breathlessly) I really want to gain a strong grasp on this biblical approach to change.  I’ve recognized a behavior problem (sloth), collected data, interpreted the data (just in case you need me to keep repeating it I am a glory grabber), but what now?  Well, it is important to remember that my behavior problem is merely a symptom.  “The primary problem is not our behavior; our hearts have turned from worshiping, serving, fearing, and depending on the one true God.” Mack    For biblical change to happen my heart needs to turn back.  “Godly, biblical change in behavior must always begin with a change in the heart.”

So how does THAT happen?

wait for it….

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