“There has been of late years a lower standard of personal holiness among believers than there used to be in the days of our fathers.  The whole result is that the Spirit is grieved and the matter calls for much humiliation and searching of heart….The cure, I am convinced, is to be found in a clearer apprehension of the nature and sinfulness of sin.

We must go back to ‘the old paths.’  We must sit down humbly in the presence of God, look the whole subject in the face, examine clearly what the Lord Jesus calls sin, and what the Lord Jesus calls doing His will.  We must then try to realize that it is terribly possible to live a careless, easy-going, half-worldly life, and yet at the same time to maintain evangelical principles and call ourselves evangelical people!  Once let us see that sin is far viler and far nearer to us, and sticks more closely to us than we supposed, and we shall be led, I trust and believe, to get nearer to Christ.  Once drawn nearer to Christ, we shall drink more deeply out of His fullness, and learn more thoroughly to ‘live the life of faith’ in Him, as St. Paul did. Once taught to live the life of faith in Jesus and abiding in Him, we shall bear more fruit, shall find ourselves more strong for duty, more patient in trial, more watchful over our poor weak hearts, and more like our Master in all our little daily ways.  Just in proportion as we realize how much Christ has done for us, shall we labor to do much for Christ.  Much forgiven, we shall love much.”

JC Ryle ~ Holiness, 1879

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