Crummy Bug

How come, when you’re busy and running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, all you can think about is sitting down for just 10 minutes of quick shut-eye?  And then how come, when you’re sick and the only thing you can handle is sitting, you can’t stop thinking about how soon you can get up again and run around?

Never happy.

So this was a rude interruption to life.  Just when Fall breaks into full swing I find myself glued to the couch.  Nothing severe mind you (no worries, mom doesn’t read my blog…but JUST in case…)  Doctor called it a “virus” because “flu” sends people running to the ER where they actually contract H1N1.  His words.  Call it what you want, I don’t feel good and I am none too happy at the prospect of missing all of my classes this week.  Praying that the five days I walked around sick to my stomach before my ailment got a label count as part of the progression.

This present calamity has served as an awesome opportunity to ponder though.  In reference to my Counsel of the Incompetent Counselor (before I try and run around “cured” too soon) this crummy bug reminds me that I still have a sickness. Well, the crummy bug AND the new books I am reading (for my class at RTS) which I have nothing but time to read.


by John Charles Ryle


Sin and Temptation

edited from the works of John Owen by Dr. James M. Houston

My pursuit of understanding Sanctification more fully is what sent me packing a backpack in the first place.  As Justification is the act performed once and for all at Calvary, Sanctification is the work “for which every believer is responsible.” (Ryle) “…even as he chose us before the foundation of the world that we should be holy and blameless,” (Eph 1:4) and “…predestined to be conformed to the image of his son…” (Rom 8:29)

If you remember my review of Because He Loves Me, however, you will recall that “we must not now throw away all thought of God’s grace and ‘get to work’….A skewed perspective on God’s activity in our sanctification will result in an overemphasis on outward conformity…it will breed moralism.” (Fitzpatrick)

See why I need an institution of higher learning?

Anyway, I will be reviewing Holiness with you, continuing on my path of Counseling the Incompetent Counselor as is fitting, and supplementing my knowledge of how to do this with Sin and Temptation (sounds fun, huh?)  All the while drinking gobs of tea, water, propel and cranberry juice….and not a single germ will pass through the airwaves.  Gotta love the internet.

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