Counseling the Incompetent Counselor ~ Day 11

Now I know you are going to think I have flipped my lid (as though you did not already think so) but yesterday, I cataloged my closet.


Yup, I wrote down EVERYTHING I own; from sweaters to cami’s – scarves to shoes.  I recorded color, I recorded weight, I recorded the season in which to wear it; I documented it all.  Sounds like a fun afternoon, huh?


Well, it is quite simple; I can’t get dressed in the morning without major trauma and significant time loss.  Since many of you know my proclivity toward tasteful clothing, you might be thinking I stress because of discontent; I don’t like what I own.  Quite the contrary!  When I shop I am quite purposeful.  I only buy what I consider to be classic; items that will stand the test of time.  That is one of the reasons I wear so much black and white!  It is never identifiable to any certain genre.  Actually, and sad to admit, the reason for my angst simply comes down to comfort; I HATE being uncomfortable.

I HATE jeans.

I HATE shorts.

I HATE pants.

I should have been born when they squeezed the air out of you and poured you into a dress.  When I was in junior high I would beg my mom to let me wear dresses on Saturdays.  I couldn’t wear them to school because in the ‘70’s dresses weren’t cool.  But I could wear them on weekends!  And I did.  Off to the grocery store, out to Montgomery Ward, down to Krauss’ to see my dad; I simply loved my flowing dresses.  But now I am a stay at home wife and most days dresses are not very practical.  So I sit.  I sit in my closet and I ponder.  And I think.  And I try things on.  Then I rip them off.  Then I try on some more.  Then I rip them off and stamp.  Then I hang everything back up. Then I start over with the first outfit and the whole process starts again.

Guess what time of the day I finish.

So remember back to Counseling the Incompetent Counselor?  Remember how I confessed on the worldwide web  my proclivity toward SLOTH?  Well, I tripped over another word from the Lord while I was reading Holiness.

“The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.” Proverbs 13:4 Actually, Ryles version that he quotes in his book says “but the soul of the diligent shall be made fat.”

While meditating over the chapter called “The Cost” and reading that to follow Christ would cost me my self-righteousness and sin, I stumbled headlong into the cost of “my love of ease.”

“He must take pains and trouble, if he means to run a successful race towards heaven.  He must daily watch and stand on his guard, like a soldier on enemy’s grounds.  He must take heed to his behavior every hour of the day, in every company and in every place, in public as well as in private, among strangers as well as at home.  He must be careful over his time….”

Here, Ryle is telling us that, in order to have a soul that is ‘fat’ with righteousness, he must be careful of his time – public and private.  Which means I have to get up out of the closet.

So back to cataloging.  I’m sure everyone else reading my blog also has oodles of time to do this, but I think in the long run it is going to be such a tremendous help and save precious time.  Check Copy That over the next days as  I share my next great idea…

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