4 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Counsel

  1. Thank you Ann Marie! I just have a few comments…
    First, informing is not always complaining. I would love to be informed when you face trials so that I can pray you through them (no details necessary – God know them already). I have never felt that you “complained” about your trials. To be honest, I have been encouraged many times because of your transparency.
    Second, it’s the little trials that wear you down and catch you off guard. The bigs ones we tend to share with others and give to God right away because it’s obvious that we can’t handle them on our own, but the little trials we tend to think that we can handle or don’t want to “bother” others with such “little” things, so we don’t tell others about them or give them to God as quickly. Boy, can you tell I’m writing from experience!!???
    Third, and last, I really look forward to your writings!!
    Holding you up in prayer!

    1. ALWAYS appreciate comments AND prayer…..shhhhh, you always were my fav sis-in-law :o)

  2. No, really can’t relate.


    Yesterday I had one of those scale-reading-the-wrong-number days (“when WILL you start kicking in and rescue me?” I ask my new lesser god, the thyroid medicine), realized that while teaching the Anchor lesson Tuesday to upwards of 200 women I had used the word “prostate” instead of “prostrate,” (as in, “I fell prostate before the Lord and wept…”) AND complained to myself that not THAT many people seemed to have been moved by my lesson (and of course that IS what it’s all about…me getting kudos). SHEESHK!

    Still, is it wrong for me to want to be at a healthy weight, want to not commit malapropisms when I teach, and want to feel that my teaching is helping? Course not. But as you are rightly discerning here, what we DO with these disappointments and whether they derail us and make us withdraw and pout says a whole lot about where our hope lies. Thanks for that reminder.

    And remember, even our regret over this sin of self-absorption could itself become proud self-condemnation if we’re not careful. But as Fitzpatrick would also remind you (and probably DID remind you last week) — TAKE HEART! Your self-absorption and proud self-condemnation is forgiven!

    When you know the way to the cross, then you will be competent to counsel. Oh, wait — you already DO know the way there! Got any openings?

  3. I have the same lesser God!!! and boy did my sinful-self feel like cursing my scale God this week. I don’t know which type of lesser God you are using but let me just tell you the natural kind is S L O W.

    You may or may not have noticed but I stood around for a bit on Tuesday and my sole purpose was to give you a hug! I was moved by the love you shared for the church! But I didn’t stick around long enough for the chance so….
    ( ) Good news is the sound was subpar so I don’t think anyone noticed a missing ‘r.’ Perhaps the recording didn’t pick it up either. Although, my mom has said ‘prostate’ in place of ‘prostrate’ forever, maybe folks don’t know the difference :o)

    Yes, that is probably why I love Elyse so much. She slams you with the bad news but follows up as quick as lightening with the Good news.

    Stumbling toward the Cross,
    (how about reciprocal counsel?)

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