Do I Find That Other’s Irritate Me?

“Do people who break the law (or your own rules and expectations) annoy you?  When you are standing in the ‘ten items or less’ line at the grocery store, are you irritated at that woman in front of you who has thirteen items?  Do you fume at other drivers who don’t signal before changing lanes, or tailgate, or talk on cell phones?  Do you find it easy to look down upon those who are unsaved or other Christians who are not as theologically sound as you are?  If so, you are missing the gospel; you are more sinful and flawed than you ever dared believe, but God graciously chose you when there wasn’t one drop of grace in your soul and nothing to recommend you to him.  Are you beginning to see how amazing his grace is?”

Elyse Fitzpatrick

Counsel from the Cross

2 thoughts on “Do I Find That Other’s Irritate Me?

  1. Seems like I was JUST speaking about this issue at a certain women’s ministry event this morning…

    And I’m not only irritated at the people in the “12 items” lane… I’m irritated at the dork who wrote the sign & should have said “12 items or FEWER.” Sheesh! Why can’t everyone be as correct in all things as I am?

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