The Gospel Centered Christian

“Many Christians are confused about the place of God’s law in their lives.  Some ignore it entirely and think that Christianity is something akin to a spiritual social event.  Some vaguely know that the law has been abrogated in some way; they know that they didn’t get saved by obeying it and believe that the Ten Commandments (and the rest of the Old Testament) were probably fine for their time but are now passe.  Both of these approaches militate against the law and may indicate a belief that seeking to live an obedient life is legalism.

Of course there are other Christians who are overly attentive to the law.  These would-be serious Christians believe that their justification is only by grace but forget that sanctification (our slow change into Christlikeness) is a ‘work of God’s free grace,’ even as justification is a legal ‘act of God’s free grace.’

For the gospel-centerd Christian, the function of the law is to drive us to Christ and to make us continually more and more thankful for his perfect keeping of it in our place.  It is to make us more and more dependent upon HIS righteousness, NOT OUR OWN.” (emphasis mine)

Elyse Fitzpatrick

Counsel from the Cross

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