No Wrath For You

“You are no longer subject to wrath, because wrath is the result of transgression or sin, and sins can be committed only when there is a law that has been violated.  So now, if you’re in Christ, there is no law that you can break that will bring God’s punitive wrath upon you, or, as Paul put it, ‘Where there is no law there is no transgression,’ and hence, no ‘wrath.’ No wrath for you because you’re in Christ, and God has no wrath left for him.  No wrath. Not ever.

Do you believe that there is no wrath left for you?  That once you are God’s it is impossible for you to receive his judgement?  Do you believe that the darkness of your sin will never be powerful enough to snuff out the light of his grace?  Do you understand that all he requires of you is to believe this truth?  You must believe that the gospel story is true not just for others but personally for you.  Do you believe that God is good enough and powerful enough to conquer all your sin and irreversibly love you?

Faith is all that is necessary.  However, not only is faith necessary for your salvation, but it’s also necessary for your ongoing obedience. Responding to his love and grace is the only way to true or what I call ‘gospelized’ obedience, because all other obedience always degenerates into penance or trying to avoid punishment.  Other forms of obedience simply don’t measure up, because love for God isn’t the motive.  And if love isn’t the motive, your obedience will always be motivated by love for yourself.  It seems upside down to say that God motivates our obedience by freeing us from the law and declaring that he has no wrath left for us, but it’s true, and true faith embraces it.”

Elyse Fitzpatrick

Comforts from the Cross

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