The Accuser working in tandem with my proud heart…

“There is a significant difference between conviction brought about by the Spirit and self condemnation brought about by the Accuser as he acts on my pride.  Conviction of sin draws me away from myself and toward God;  it frees me to repent, grants me sorrow over offending my King, and floods me with relief in knowing that his smile still rests upon me.  It eventuates in my loving Jesus more.  Paul’s words from Romans 8.1, “Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,” bestow great relief on my soul.

Self condemnation, on the other hand, draws me down into myself and away from God.  It makes me afraid and distrustful of him.  It entraps me in unrelenting self -loathing and unbelief.  It makes my heart cold toward the Lord; he’s seen as a harsh taskmaster, a cruel tormenter.  It makes me think of my Savior the way I should think of my enemy, and this reversal brings a vicious glee to the Accuser.  Jesus slips from preeminence and is replaced by my shattered image of myself.  Self condemnation doesn’t make me love Jesus more, because it’s not essentially about him.  It’s about me.”

Comforts from the Cross

Elyse Fitzpatrick

4 thoughts on “The Accuser working in tandem with my proud heart…

  1. Psalm 34 (esp 22)!

    What differences do you notice between Because He Loves Me and Counsel the Cross? Just wondering. I am reading Because… and Counsel… is on my list.

    Please note that I am reading your blogs today- even though I am not aware of something dumb that you have done… at the moment.

    Happy Sunday!

    1. annmareewilson May 5, 2010 — 5:08 pm

      Counsel is just phenomenal for application of the gospel, “COMFORTS from the Cross” even more so.

      Because He Loves Me simply introduced the incredible power of the Gospel in our lives

      Nice to “see” you :o)

  2. Good to know! I do not think I own Comfort and wondered about it as well. So it seems I am reading them is the “right” order.

    Frankly, the message of the Gospel in Because makes me FEEL like I was not even saved before hearing the message. I know I WAS saved before, but now my eyes see so much more clearly. Praise.

    1. annmareewilson May 6, 2010 — 7:52 am

      precisely! I so agree. It’s as if the beauty of the Gospel (once in black and white) is now full blown in color….

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