Involuntary Surprisals

I started reading “Sin and Temptation” today (John Owen), and I sense I am going to need to blog about it simply because of the difficulty of its message.  I mean, if I am going to learn how to mortify sin (and hopefully DO it) then I want some company! A dear friend, while reading tough materials that convicted her heart, shared with me that she would read a paragraph by the author, read Romans 8.1; read another paragraph, read Romans 8.1 and so on.  What a powerful dependence on God!  And what a balanced approach to sanctification (by way of justification).

So welcome to my world!  Let’s dive in to sin together, shall we?

“Sin is always at work in the heart; a temporary lull in its assaults means not that it is dead, but that it is very much alive.  Sin is never less quiet, than when it seems to be most quiet, and its waters are for the most part deep when they are still.

Sin’s strategy is to induce a false sense of security as a prelude to a surprise attack.  By sin we are oftentimes unaware carried into distempered affections, foolish imaginations, and pleasing delightfulness in things that are not good nor profitable…

When the soul is doing…quite another thing…. sin starts that in the heart….that carries it away into that which is evil and sinful.  Yea, to manifest its power, sometimes when the soul is seriously engaged in the mortification of any sin, it will… lead it away into alliance with that very sin whose ruin it is seeking…

I know no greater burden in the life of a believer than these involuntary surprisals…And it is in respect unto them that the Apostle makes his complaint in Romans 7.24.”

John Owen

2 thoughts on “Involuntary Surprisals

  1. Super, maybe you can read it for me, and teach me along the way? :0) Its on my long list of books to read, but I think after you teach us through it I may be able to mark that one off. Yea.

    I’ve begun blogging about Because He Loves Me ( I also need to write it out as I process, and it would be great to have other’s thoughts along the way. I love that we get to journey together. Not only did He leave us His Spirit, but He also gave us an earthly family. What a gift!

    That quote. So ominous. Sigh.

    1. sure thing, no problem. i will learn about sin and tell you what yours is, deal? i sure don’t wanna hear anymore about mine!!!

      kidding. i am eager to be proactive at mortification (did i say that?)

      been reading yours too, and i know the feeling. i had to do the same thing when i read it the first time.

      and i thank you for being one of my gifts…

      ps, quoted the wrong person. JI Packer wrote the intro and i was so into the book i neglected to see i was still in the intro!

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