Classifying People

“This is how we must understand the Psalms and prophecies that approve of God‘s judgment. Believers hate violence and wickedness. Some people give themselves over to such sins, so they are properly called ―the violent or ―the wicked. The Bible never commands us to hate individual enemies, but there is a place for righteous wrath toward God‘s settled enemies. On judgment day, we will rejoice at their downfall, for their end is inseparable from the victory of God and His saints. Thus, when we view the wicked as a class, from an eternal perspective, our love for them ceases.

In daily life, however, we have no right to adopt the eternal perspective. We cannot classify people. The man standing before us may be wicked, but we do not know whether he will repent or not.”

Dan Dorioni as quoted by John Stott in “The Message of the Sermon On The Mount”

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