“Do you believe that seeing sin in yourself is a good thing?  Here you are, feeling like your self-worth couldn’t be lower, and the discussion turns to sin.  Why not just pound the final nail into the coffin?  But contrary to popular opinion, sin is a good thing.

More specifically, when we see sin in ourselves it is a good thing.  It is good on two counts.  First, sin might feel natural but we were originally created to live without it.  True humanness– blessed humanness– is sinless humanness.  Of course, on this side of heaven perfection is impossible, but as we battle with sin we get tastes of how we were intended to live.

Second, when we see sin, it is evidence that God is close.  It is the Holy Spirit who reveals sin (John 16.8). We don’t have the acumen for it.  If you see it, have hope–the Holy Spirit is at work in your life.  It is tangible evidence of God’s love.”

Ed Welch

Depression, A Stubborn Darkness

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