There He Will Meet Us

Wish I’d Said That

“Where God records His name, there he will meet us and bless us.”

                                    Matthew Henry ~ Commentary on 1 Kings 3.9

Demystifying Counseling, Part II

Pastor Paul Tautges continues his series, “Journey to Biblical Counseling.” This time he interviews the Pastor for Biblical Counseling at Capital Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC; Deepak Reju. I love how Pastor Reju describes ‘counseling’ and emphasizes how it is what the local church does in care for one another. Click the subtitle above for the full interview.

“Every member of my local church is having “biblical counseling” conversations as they live life. You don’t have to be a trained counselor to know how to care for and counsel others (2 Cor 1). The front-line of biblical counseling is not the counseling room, but the conversations that take place every day in homes, over lunch meetings, in Bible study, in conversations after church, over the phone, or even on email or text messages. Life in a fallen world presents thousands of opportunities for normal, everyday Christians to minister the Word to one another.”

The 6th Love Language

In our training this past Wednesday I mentioned (briefly) that word everyone loves to hate; admonish! I did not take the time to expound on this most beautiful and loving command, but one of my favorite bloggers did ;o)

Tim Challies tells us admonition is not only the loving thing to do, it’s a command given to God’s people. Admonishing is one of the ways we help one another to, “Let the word of God dwell in you richly.” (Col 3.16)

What a blessing!

Now. That doesn’t mean I’m inviting ya’ll to admonish me….


Ok. I’m not quite sure how ‘Presbyterian’ this one is, but it holds a special place in my heart! Albert E. Brumley wrote “I’ll Fly Away” in the mid 20th Century, along with 799 other tunes. It has been called thee most recorded gospel song.

In the fall of 2009, just as I put the final touches on my certification exam, Bob and I traveled to Greenville, South Carolina for a Biblical Counseling Conference. In a centuries-old genteel southern church, three proper southern gentlemen (elders!) broke out their banjos and led our worship with a knee-slappin version of this hymn. It was not only an introduction to our new southern lifestyle (banjos in church?) it was powerful reminder that this is not my home. My home is in glory and what a joy it will be when I arrive!

I think the Lord needed me to know that investing in the lives of others would require a focus of nothing less.

Click the subtitle for the 1956 YouTube version done by a twin sister duet known as the Koosoy Sisters.

i’ll fly away

 some glad morning when this life is over, i’ll fly away

to a home on god’s celestial shore, i’ll fly away


i’ll fly away old glory, i’ll fly away

when i die hallelujah by and by, i’ll fly away


when the shadows of this life have gone, i’ll fly away

like a bird from these prison walls i’ll fly, i’ll fly away


i’ll fly away old glory, i’ll fly away

when i die hallelujah by and by, i’ll fly away


just a few more weary days and then, i’ll fly away

to a home where joys will never end, i’ll fly away


i’ll fly away old glory, i’ll fly away

when i die hallelujah by and by and by, i’ll fly away


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