Back To School (again)

On Monday Bob and I will officially be students in Seminary. Ah! Whatever happened to art college??

Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte now offers degrees in Biblical Counseling, a ministry that has been a passion of ours for some time. You can access my previous blogs regarding counsel here.

Anyway, on the eve of this new adventure, it occurred to me there are several great reasons for attending grad school after 50 years old. Ten reasons, in fact. Perhaps I should share…

Top Ten Reasons to go to Seminary After 50

Number 10 ~ At this age, training the inner man yields more visible results than training the outer man

Number 9 ~ Adding stick figure decals to the back of your van has long since ceased. Wait. You don’t own a van

Number 8 ~ Procrastination isn’t an option

Number 7 ~ Gray hair gives the impression of wisdom

Number 6 ~ You’ve had practice reading in the middle of the night

Number 5 ~  Those little people running through the house screaming (and keeping you from studying) are called Grandchildren. They go home

Number 4 ~ You no longer waste time trying to convince the world of your power, wisdom and strength

Number 3 ~ The ten-year plan is off the table

Number 2 ~ Sometimes historical references for research papers can be taken from your own life experiences

Number 1 ~ Let’s face it. Where else are you going to find someone to call you a “Newbie?”

(pray for us!)



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